Staying on track!

Although the Rugby season is over for our teams, staying healthy and fit is still important. Everyone enjoys eating out but you can over indulge by accident, therefore it is important to pick the right meals to eat and not eat out too often!

This week, some of the boys went out for breakfast in Bill’s and instead of over indulging in fry-ups and unhealthy amounts of sausages and bacon, they picked breakfasts full of nutrients and super healthy!

For many students, going out for breakfast is a treat and eating foods like salmon is also a rarity because of price. Therefore, having salmon for breakfast is also a treat … even though it isn’t a cooked breakfast many people love.

Here is: 1 slice of granary bread, chopped avocado, salmon and 2 poached eggs

1 slice of granary, with salmon, avocado & 2 poached eggs
  • As the boys aren’t dieting, they can eat bread however it is important to keep bread intake low, therefore 1 slice is great for breakfast, as they went and worked out after breakfast.
  • Avocado is high in fat … but healthy fat and keeps you full. As well as this, it is great to use as an alternative to butter as it is nutritious and tasty.
  • Salmon is great protein and a great treat!
  • Eggs are also full of protein, healthy and has a bit of fat in the yolks. Poached eggs are a great treat for many as many students don’t know how to make them!!

This breakfast is great as you have felt like you’ve treated yourself because you’ve eaten out and had a breakfast you can’t always afford to make. But you have also been able to stay healthy and fueled your workout with healthy fats, carbs and protein!

Breakfast accompanied by a smoothie

This breakfast was accompanied by a super greens smoothie. Which is packed with kale, spinach, mango, apple juice and coconut water!

Packed full of nutrients and vitamins, which is great for your immune system and also keeps you fuller for longer.


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