Rugby Sevens Festival

Poster for Rugby Sevens Tournament!

One of our Rugby scholars and assisting coach of the girls and boys scholar teams, Rosie Kay, held a Rugby Sevens event today. The event was a fun filled day celebrating and making people aware of Rugby sevens, as people are not as aware of Rugby sevens as they are normal Rugby!

Rugby sevens is a sport where 7 players play a quick and much harder version of Rugby (which usually has 15 players on a pitch). The game is split into 7 minute rounds, and by watching these players, 7 minutes is long enough a round!!

Rosie created a great day, as she had got many well known 7’s teams to play against our scholars, as well as involving our players from our 1st & 2nd teams (both male and female).

As well as hosting sevens games, there was also touch rugby going on, which meant that anyone who wanted to take part in a quick non-contact game of rugby, could have some fun! There was a great atmosphere all afternoon, with tasty food and music playing all day. The tournament was great to watch, as each game was fast paced and intense as there was tension between our scholars and our other teams! Which made the tournament more fun.

After all her hard work, she had a double win as not only did she create a great day and made people aware of this sport, our girl scholar team won the whole tournament!! This demonstrated that females are just as successful as males at rugby and that our scholars work exceedingly well. It was also great to see victory for our girls, especially Rosie, as it was her first tournament back after knee surgery!

Rosie Kay, Rugby Scholar

Well done girl, you created a great day and lead your girls to victory!




**For more information about Rugby Sevens click the hyperlink within this blog post!!**


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