Winning Wednesday! 01/02/17

Last week the 2’s team, played exceptionally well and won 41-12! After all their hard work, it was certain that this term was going to be a great success for them, and they were right.

Again, the weather was rubbish! It was wet and cold but the boys powered through and won 24-17 against Greenwich!

Growing their strength within lineouts.

Each week you see the boys getting stronger, as they
practice their line outs over and over again. They are able to hold their boys up higher and for longer, which means they are winning the ball even more. As a result of their strength, they are making the opposing
team look messy and untidy!

Throughout the game, their Captain kept control and kept spirits up. He proved himself to be a good captain as he showed the boys support during play, especially when they were going into rucks etc.

Captain showing support throughout play.
Quick on their feet!

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