Winning Wednesday! 25/1/17

Today the second’s Team played in the fog and cold. Their game resulted in another win- keeping Wednesday’s as Winning Wednesday!

The weather was horrible, there was light rain, heavy fog and very cold, but the boys played so well. With the final score being 41-12 to Essex Uni. This was their first game since being back after Christmas, and it shows that they all carried on working hard during the Christmas holiday and it sure did pay off!img_1615

Before Christmas the 1st Team won every single game of the season, and the 2nd’s did well, but did not win every game. From winning their first game back, it shows that they had worked hard during Christmas but also put in 100% effort at training on the build up to their first game. Their hard work shows that they had a point to prove, as the 1st Team did so well, and they came back with a bang, even with the poor weather condition!

Winning a lineout.

They have another game next Wednesday, and from their strong play this week, we think it could be another win for these boys!



A ruby position I learnt about this week, is a ‘maul‘ which is a loose scrum formed around a player with the ball off the ground. The ball carrier has to be held but not taken to the floor, and there has to be at least 3 players for a maul to form.

A maul has been created, the opposing team has the ball.

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