Deadlifts are a very popular exercise by many, this exercise is great as it works so many different parts of the body at one time. The only part of your body it doesn’t work is your arms, and this is simply because they straight for the duration of the exercise! Deadlifts stand for dead weight, this means that the weight is on the floor and you lift from the floor.

Benefits of deadlifting

  • Increased fat burning- as you are using so many different muscle groups at once, your heart rate is raised and you burn more fat as you use a lot to lift the weight
  • Helps with posture- deadlifting strengthens your core massively and targets muscles that help with your posture
  • Engages the major muscle groups- many people believe that squatting is the best way to engage all muscle groups, however deadlifting is even better
  • Everyday-life influence- this exercise helps strengthen your body for everyday use, this means it targets the muscles you need to carry heavy things around your home or for example, heavy bags of shopping, saves you doing multiple trips when you can take everything at once!
  • Safety- if you are new to weighlifting and are worried about injuring yourself or being unable to move the weight (for example when squatting), you can simply drop the weight if it is too heavy. Therefore, you aren’t stuck under the weight if too heavy, and if it is too heavy you simply don’t lift it, it stays on the floor!
  • Cardio- amazingly deadlifts increase your cardiovascular ability! Therefore, if you hate cardio, do deadlifts and you have done your daily dose of cardio!

Although deadlifts are a good workout and is safer than many other all over body workouts, you need to make sure you lift without causing an injury. Here is a brief description on how to lift properly and safely:

  1. Stand with your mid-foot under the bar, hip-width stance, with your toes out 15°. Try avoiding touching your shins on the bar- many people cut their shins when deadlifting and it burns!
  2. Grab the bar, whichever way is comfortable for you. I prefer my right-hand to be over the bar with my thumb facing me and my left-hand under the bar with my thumb facing out. Have your arms shoulder-width apart and being just outside your legs.
  3. Bend your knees, do not move the bar and keep it over your mid-foot. Keep bending till your shins nearly or ever so slightly touch the bar.
  4. Lift your chest, and straighten your back. Do not: move the bar, drop your hips and squeeze your shoulder-blades.
  5. Finally, pull. Take a big breath, hold the bar and stand up. Keep the bar very close to your legs. Don’t shrug or lean back when you get to the top!


For more information on deadlifting, more benefits and information, click on this link:




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