Sled Pushing

Looking to build your leg strength? Sled pushing is a great piece of equipment to help strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and even your core. As well as seeing results physically, you will notice that you improve your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Sled pushing is an intense workout, leaves you feeling tired and burning- a great workout for our Rugby athletes.

One main exercise on the sled is running and therefore pushing the sled as fast as you can.16176911_10211984491909838_732740421_n Your arms need to be out straight in front of you, stand in an athletic posture, bend over from the hips and keep your back straight. Start with a light weight and move up the easier you find it and the harder you can lift.


This exercise is great for rugby players, especially players that are part of scrums as they need to be able to drive all their weight against the opposing players. Therefore, pushing the sled with heavy weight is a great way to practice!

Bear Crawls are another very popular sled exercise.

You attach the sled to you, with a strap that goes over both shoulders, you get into the crawling position (keeping your back flat and your knees bent). Crawl along the floor by 730_1driving your legs alternatively with your arms out in front so that you can maintain balance and pull yourself along, whilst pulling the sled behind you. This exercise is great for your core as you are using your core to keep your back flat and help keep you balance as you move along. As well as all the muscles in your legs!

The best way to think of a bear crawl, is a moving plank as you have to stop your back from arching!

The sled is a great way to do cardio and have fun (as cardio can get very boring and tedious). As well as this, you get to use a lot of different muscle in your body at one time and can leave you feeling very tired and sore!


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