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Bulk Powders: provides different supplements and foods for athletes and body builders etc. very popular in Essex.

You need to fuel your body after training, playing and working out, because of this you need to consume a lot of food. However, to ensure that you are reaching all your necessary goals, which can include keeping your macros on point. Keeping track of your macro-nutrients is very important, as you can focus on losing weight, gaining muscle and weight or just maintaining weight. Making sure you have a lot of Protein in your diet is very important, sadly simply eating meat may not be enough plus you may not be especially hungry but know you have to get all your necessary protein in.

To resolve this, protein shakes are great either as a meal replacement (if your trying to lose weight), or after a workout before a meal and even as a snack (depending on your body goals). There are many different types of protein shakes, some are low carb and sugar, some high carb and sugar depending if you want to lose weight or gain weight. Most women will prefer to use low carb, fat and sugar protein shakes but many men who play sports or body build will use shakes that are higher in carb, fat etc.

As well as this, there are so many different flavours to attract so many different audiences. They can also be used as replacements when cooking food.

Being at Essex uni, one great fitness and nutrition supplement online shop is bulk powders. They are based in Essex, rather cheap and are great for students and adults that train, play and body build. They have a wide variety of supplements to enhance training and can be used before, during and after. They also have different types of food, including Protein Pasta. Which is lower in carbs and fat but higher in protein, therefore can be used as a replacement of normal pasta and you can feel less guilty. They also

Protein pasta, good replacement from normal pasta.

produce products to help with joint support, anti-inflammatories etc. which is great for players that are recovering from an injury and are getting back into playing.
I am not promoting supplements and do not think that
every athlete should be taking them. However, I personally like drinking protein shakes and trying different food types as it helps improve my results. I also use bulk powders as they do not fill their products with nasty additives etc. When I am trying to lose weight, I do like to have a protein shake as a meal replacement at times. But on a daily basis after working out, I like to have a protein shake as it helps rebuild muscles and gives me the extra protein I need to help my muscles grow and rebuild.

There are links to their website throughout this blog, however if you would like to look at their whole website, follow the link:


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  1. Danni says:

    This was really helpful, thank you!


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