Summer: eating more salads, high protein, low carbs and more cardio in the sunshine. Burnt fat and got leaner.

Keeping up cardio is important as you have to be fit enough to run up and down a pitch for 80 minutes. Sadly, cardio when not playing can be extremely boring! But it does help keep you trim, as well as eating healthy and weightlifting.

Throughout the summer (one very long holiday), keeping fit was very important as players had to make sure that they didn’t lose their fitness ability when relaxing and also earning money whilst away from University.

Instead of sprinting after weightlifting sessions, progressing onto long runs as well as bursts of cardio is important as being away from Uni and training every holiday can really jeopardise  your game play when you come back to uni in the next academic year.

Of course there are many different types of cardio: running, cycling, swimming, rowing and lifting whilst doing cardio. Keeping fat off and maintaining weight and muscle you need to know some good fat-burning cardio workouts.

High-Intensity-Interval-Training is one of the most important ways to burn fat. 15 minutes of very hard and high intensity cardio is more beneficial than slow long runs or jogs etc. HIIT helps speed up your metabolism and also enhances your body to burn calories later on in the day, not just when you are working out. Of course you have to make sure that your calorie intake in smaller than the calories that you burn, because if you eat more calories than you lose you will of course not lose weight.

When out of the gym, you can perform HIIT when out on a run or cycle, for example you can plan to do a 30 minute run/cycle and do 15 minutes HIIT up hill during your cardio session then 15 minutes of lighter slower exercise. Therefore you can easily double the amount of calories you burn and also burn more fat by introducing HIIT into your session.

HIIT after weightlifting,


However, if you are in a Gym you can use any piece of equipment to do a HIIT workout and you can also do it after weightlifting, so you are working your body even harder than before! Which helps with muscle mass but also keeping lean.

For a further and deeper read, you can follow this link: 



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