As you may have read in previous blog posts, knee injuries are very common among Rugby players. One of our Scholars has suffered over the past couple years with her knees and with them dislocating. Due to issues with her knees, she has had to have multiple operations and has had to put training and playing to one side, and focus on rehabilitating instead.

Before surgery & After surgery.

As you can see, the operation is intense and a large of the knee is operated on. Because of the severity of the operation, rehabilitation is key to recovery as if you do not recover properly there is a high chance it can happen again. This is because, like most knee injuries, sudden movement can twist then and cause injury.





This is very common in Rugby as players have to make sudden movements to avoid being tackled and also to get in a good safe position when going into a tackle. Sometimes moving your body when going into a tackle can worsen your potential chance of injury. When fully recovered, training will have to be slow and eased in, therefore tackling will be kept minimum for many months.

Luckily for our Scholar, she has been able to use her knowledge of Rugby to coach the Girl’s Rugby 7’s Team. Slowly she has been able to do light training, and has been mostly in the gym rebuilding her muscles and focusing a lot on working and strengthening her knees and around the knee.

Hopefully she will be able to play with team by the end of her 2nd year!


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