Salads, Salads, Salads

A lot of people say that salads are boring and unfulfilling. When I was younger, salad never really interested me but now I love making a salad for lunch. Especially in the summer!

A lot of sports enthusiasts go through stages of bulking and cutting, and during the cutting season salads are great at lunch time. You can have a lot of leaves and lettuce (which are obviously low carbohydrate) and then pack your salads full of protein to help muscle mass and maintenance. As well as keeping yourself fuller for longer!

Here is an example of a fun, healthy but filling salad that I usually make for lunch in the summer. As you can see, it is packed with: tomatoes, cucumber, rocket & other leaves, tuna, feta and topped with a chili sauce.

img_0882Eat a lot of fish in the summer makes salads more interesting, as it is high protein, full of nutrients and is a change in protein. As usually in the winter, chicken, turkey and mince are mostly eaten.

As well as this, feta cheese is another good source of protein. Although it is obviously higher in fat than tuna, it does make a good addition to a salad and you can buy lower fat versions of this type of cheese. Therefore a little amount of feta a day does no harm!

Again, adding chili sauce helps speed up your metabolism and stops your salad tasting bland and boring. This will mean that athletes are also less likely to quite cutting as their food is still just as flavorsome.

Tomatoes are a good source of anti-oxidant, and researchers have found a particular anti-oxidant inside tomatoes which helps with bone health. This is very important as you are aiming to build muscle and get leaner but you are also wanting to make sure your body is healthy and happy! As well as this, they also are good for your heart and these health benefits.

Finally, cucumber is mostly water and therefore helps you keep hydrated. A lot of foods in the winter can be very dry, whereas adding cucumber to your food can make your meals more refreshing! They are also full of anti-oxidants and vitamins, and will help with weight loss or maintenance as they are low in calories/fat etc.

Overall, making a tasty, filling and body beneficial lunch!



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