Boy’s winter training

As our Rugby teams have been in full swing for first term, training has been strict and continual every week without fail! Evenings are cold and it’s getting darker earlier in the day, so training is getting tougher and tougher. However, the boy’s uni team are still working hard.


Training for scrums is hard work as there are only a few players that take part. Therefore, all players on a team cannot solely train all together. To practice scrums, the uni has a movable machine with a framework that has been built to replicate the opposite team. Meaning that the two props can hold onto the framework at each side of the scrum and the hooker can bind within the two props. This means that the front of a scrum is created and then all the other players that take part in the scrum can get in position behind. Then the scrum practices pushes and moving so that they win in real games. The framework is also weighted so that it makes their job harder and are given some competition like they would in a real game.

Scrum, view of the forwards
Scrum, view of props


As well as focusing on particular areas, such as scrums, line outs etc. General passing and

Game practice & passing

game play is very important during training. This helps the teams work together, learning how each player passes and moves, and also helps keep up every player’s fitness levels.

As we have different teams: 1st, 2nd and 3rd- players are split up into the teams they play for and practice among each other. Creating stronger relationships between the players. After sessions like this throughout training, teams then play against each other. This helps with practicing a real game, but it also gives our Head coach the chance to watch everyone’s skills and play at once. Therefore, giving players the opportunity to perhaps move to the higher team or moved down as they need more practice.

Head coach (Sam Edwards)

Training is every Monday and Wednesday, and the times range each week depending on pitch space and other sports teams. You can keep up-to-date with training times by liking the UERFC Facebook page:


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