Breakfast or even a snack!

Struggling with ideas for breakfast? Ideas for snacks? Are you training in preparation for rugby games? Well I have a great meal idea for you.

One hard boiled egg, on wholemeal toast with Avocado and Cayenne Pepper.

Boiled egg on Wholemeal toast with Avocado & Cayenne Pepper

A quick, easy and healthy meal idea full of protein, healthy fats and cayenne pepper to help speed up your metabolism.

Simply boil an egg for 3 minutes in boiling water, toast wholemeal bread and mush avocado all over your toast. Then top with Cayenne Pepper.

Using Avocado instead of butter is a great meal replacement, as although it is high in fat, these types of fat are much healthier. Rather than the saturated fats that are in butter.

Wholemeal toast is better for you, than white bread, as it is easier to digest, less fat, carbs and sat fat. Plus it keeps you fuller for longer as it has less sugar.

Finally Cayenne Pepper, is known for helping with digestion as spice helps boost your metabolism. Which is better for you as food is not sitting waiting to be digested, therefore helps weight loss as food is not sitting being wasted.


Eggs are a great source of protein, relatively cheap and easy to cook. Therefore, they are great for breakfast and snacks, (they can also be eaten at lunch but if you have lunch after working out, it is best to eat bigger meals that are more protein and carbs).

6 Nutrition facts:

Further nutritional info; carbs, percentages etc.


  1. Nutrition research suggests that eggs play a key role in weight management, muscle strength and brain function etc.
  2. There are roughly about 70 calories in each egg
  3. As you are all aware, your heart is one of the main parts of your body and can be effected by lots of different foods. However, more than 40 years of research shows that eggs can be eaten and does not significantly impact your risk of heart disease.
  4. There are varying amounts of vitamins and minerals (13) as well as 6 grams of high-quality protein.
  5. Essentially, eggs have a lot of protein which is key for building and maintaining lean body mass.
  6. For women; because eggs have such high-quality protein, it reduces your hunger and helps weight loss. Once happy with your weight, it helps maintain weight.

A lot of people are told that you should remove the egg yolk as it is fattening and bad for you. However, the truth is that 60% of the protein in eggs are in the white outer layer, but 40% of protein is also in the yolk. There are different vitamins and fat in the yolk but they help aid absorption of all the important parts of the egg. Therefore, you do not need to solely cook with egg whites, but if you do have a strict diet with very low fat, you can choose to only eat the egg whites.



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