Ligament tears

Injuries in sport are very common, especially in Rugby as your body is put to the test when being tackled, in scrums and lineouts. This week I am looking at ankles and the possible injuries.

Ankles are a joint between the leg and foot, it is like a hinge as it allows movement up and down. Here is a diagram of your foot and ankle, to easily explain how the ankle sits on the

The Talus is held to the Tibia by ligaments. Different ligaments are easier to tear than
others, due to some ligaments being thicker and
lower than others. The most common ligaments to tear or injure in a sprain, are the front and middle ligaments.



The ankle shown in the image below is an ankle that has torn ligaments due to rolling of the ankle. Rolling or twisting your ankle is the most common way of getting ligament img_1078damage. This is because all of your body weight is placed on the ankle as it rolls or twists.

In Rugby you can tear ligaments by being tackled, when in a scrum or coming out of a lineout.

  • When being tackled, your foot can land in an awkward position and when pushed over your ankle rolls and all your body weight is pushed to one side as you go down.
  • When in a Scrum, players pushing against the defending team and are also moving the ball backwards out of the scrum can loose footing and as a result roll their ankle.
  • After a lineout, players are dropped to the floor relatively quickly, especially if the teams are not of highest level. As a result of this, when you land onto the floor your foot can easily roll and all your body weight can land on the rolled ankle, resulting in a ligament tear.

Another way you can injure your ankle is by spraining it. Spraining your ankle is usually minor and you mostly have to rest, compress and ice your ankle so that the swelling goes down. Elevation is also key when you have a sprain, as elevating your foot means that the swelling will drain into your bloodstream.

There are many different types of injuries Rugby players can have. This type of injury is not as common, but next week I will be looking at tearing your ACL, which is one very common injury.


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