Cooking with a Scholar- Female

When you are not playing due to injury and recovering, keeping track of your diet is much harder than when playing regularly. Your body is used to fueling itself a certain amount of times a day. Plus you may be feeling more miserable due to being injured and therefore eat more calories than your body needs.

Keeping track of your diet is very important as you have to fuel your body and trim to get back into shape.

After being out of play due to recovery, one scholar has had to change her diet so that she can get back into playing easily. As a result of this, her diet is very different compared to the male scholar who is playing and training daily.

Her carbohydrate intake has to be much lower as she is not using her body and muscles like normal. High amounts of carbohydrates is beneficial for athletes that are doing lots of physical exercise (such as the male scholar). Therefore an injured player cannot consume a high amount of carbohydrates as they are not using them beneficially and this will lead to weight gain as unused carbohydrates turn to fat.

However, like all the other scholars on the team she also has to keep her protein consumption high and her fat intake low. Protein keeps your metabolism running, as well as preventing weight gain as they make you feel fuller for longer and also means more work for your body to digest. Another benefit of protein is that it benefits all parts of your body, even hair and nail growth, this is beneficial for females as they also want their hair and nails to look good too.

Therefore for dinner she has been having turkey steak and broccoli this means that she is eating a low amount-to no carbs in one of her last meals of the day but focusing on protein which keep her fuller for longer and aids the process of getting/staying lean.

Follow this link, to look at 6 different ways you can avoid weight gain whilst injured:


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