Firstly, there are four different types of kicking: kicking for posts, box kicking, drop kick and kicking out of hand.

  • Kicking for posts: is done after either scoring a try or for a penalty. A conversion is worth 2 points and a penalty is worth 2.
  • Box kicking: is done from a ruck, normally performed by the scrum half. It is used as a exit strategy or kicking for field position (to get a better position on the field and get you closer to where you have got to score).
  • Drop kicking: used to start the game and can also be used in open play to score points. You can drop kick through the posts and this is also worth three points.
  • Kicking out of hand: can be done from a penalty to kick for touch. It can also be used anytime during open play. However, it cannot be used to gain points.

For more information on kicking and different types of kicks, plus different terms used for kicks, you can read this article which has been influenced by Stephen Jones, an Ex-Wales and British lion player.



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