Cooking with a Scholar- Male

Diet is very important when your are playing a sport, especially if you are a Rugby Scholar, as you need to keep your body fueled and make sure your metabolism is working continuously to burn calories etc. I spent an evening this week with one of my friends (who is a Scholar) and asked him to cook a typical meal that he would have before a training session of an evening.

Boys eat a lot of food anyway, but his daily diet is so nutritious with so many different meals throughout the day, its ridiculous. His daily diet is:

  • Weetabix, blueberries and protein for breakfast
  • after his morning gym session he has scrambled egg (with 5 eggs) and 3 slices of toast with a protein shake.
  • For lunch he has chicken wraps and banana’s etc throughout the day.
  • After another training session he has another chicken meal, followed by salmon and asparagus before bed.

As you can see, his diet is very high in protein which helps growth of muscles and muscle maintenance.

The meal he cooked whilst I was round was chicken, with pasta and broccoli.

He cooked his chicken on a George Foreman Grill and used no oil (as oil is not recommended to cook in), as well as this he only seasoned his chicken with fajita seasoning, natural spices. Chicken is a high source of protein, plus it is low in fat. Also helps with muscle growth and helps support a healthy body weight.

The broccoli was steamed, as steaming your veg is much better for you as you do not loose the nutrients. Broccoli benefits your body as it helps lower your cholesterol, as well as being full of vitamin D.

As well as this, the pasta he uses is whole-wheat pasta rather than white as it is higher in fibre, which squashes your appetite, therefore keeping you fuller for longer. It also has a source of protein and healthy fats.

The most fattening part of this meal is the pasta sauce used as it will most probably be high in sugar, and rather carby. But as the rest of this meal is low in fat and carbs, the sauce will not matter as much. As well as this, he will be training after eating and therefore will burn a lot of this meal.

The final product, this meal was consumed 45 minutes before training.



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