Winning Wednesday! 02/11/16

Both our UERFC teams have been training every Monday and Wednesday evening since freshers started on the first week of October. The boys started pre-season back in September to get a head start on this years season, but have gained new players during freshers week. All this training by both teams has resulted on great wins in just a matter of weeks and therefore Wednesday has become Winning Wednesday!



1st Team had another successful match winning 53-17 against University College London. This was their third game of the season, and their third win! After relentless training, this game looked pretty easy from the side lines and the score matched this view.

Winning nearly every scrum, by making sure that every formation was solid and driving hard together as a team.

Scrums are used to restart play throughout the game as a result of an infringement within the game such as a ‘knock on’ (the ball is passed forwards or hit forwards by accident). The aim of a scrum is to get possession of the ball, player 9 puts the ball into the scrum and the players within the scrum has to feed the ball to the back of their half of the scrum and push into the opposing team to move them backwards whilst you are feeding the ball through to the back of your scrum half ready to continue play.

Womens UERFC


The girls team also had another successful game, winning 10-5 against Kent (which was their first BUCS game of the season). However, this was their second win of the season so far, as they played a friendly match last week against Writtle college.

They have been training hard over the past few weeks to make sure they are 100% for this years season. Their hard work and effort was shown through their line outs, scrums and how they pushed hard through each tackle.

However, unfortunately we experienced one case of concussion which led to a trip to hospital! For more information on Concussion, look at my following blog!

Both games were fun to watch and each team had a load of supporters, the atmosphere was loud and energetic with lots of happy supporters cheering on both our UERFC teams. If you love watching rugby or want to play you should come and watch our teams play hard and win on Wednesdays.


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