Concussion is like any other injury caused through playing rugby, and over time you do recover like all other injuries, however with concussion it is harder to know when you are fully recovered as you are dealing with resting your brain, and is also an injury that people do not see. Concussion is caused when you hit your head or another part of your body is hit which leads to a shake or movement of your brain. Symptoms of concussion are feeling sick, blurred vision, feeling confused and a general feeling of weirdness. Concussion leads to things such as balance, mood, sleep, thinking and senses all being affected and therefore these are signs you use to check whether you have concussion. Severe concussion is when you are knocked out cold for a matter of seconds, if you feel pains around your body you will most likely have to go to hospital.

For further information about concussion follow this link and have a listen:


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